The Underwater Winery

a collaboration between Bodega Submarina de Canarias and ONE·TWO·DIVE

During history, man always have been obsessed by producing the best wine possible through knowledge and different processes.  Since we have been exploring what lies beneath the surface of the seas, man also discovered sunken amphora’s and bottles that if they were lucky were still drinkable and had a very particular taste. Nowadays the process of maturing wines on the seabed has gained special interest and has become more scientifically studied to improve the success of the process.
Knowledge about : Time and depth underwater – water temperatures, currents, pressure, salinity – what types of grapes – what is the best cork to seal of the wine flask – young wines, old wines, red, rosé or white – and many more factors.
We are gaining the know-how.  Here in Tenerife, we have very interesting conditions to storage our wines in a safe and good environment and to go even one step further : we can go visit these storage points – see the process with your own eyes and like in all wineries : GO TASTE THOSE WINES ON THE SPOT WHERE THEY MATURE.
ONE·TWO·DIVE in collaboration with Bodega Submarina de Canarias, is the only dive school in the world that is able to provide you this unique experience of tasting wine underwater.
Bodega Submarina de Canarias started with the underwater wine storage project and is responsable for the technical and commercial part. Later on, ONE·TWO·DIVE joined to take care of the recreational part. Both forces joined together, have been able to create a product that is unique in the world.
The winery
Companies from all over the world can bring their wines to us in Tenerife : already bottled with the special cork and treated with an extra layer of wax. Bodega Submarina de Canarias and ONE·TWO·DIVE, can provide you with the knowledge what cork to use.
The number of months underwater (6, 8, 10 or 12), will be up to the desires of the customer.  Of course, we will give you our most professional advice depending on the grape, age and colour of the wines.  In general, young wines are still more active and will be more influenced by this unique process.  They mature 4 to 6 times faster.
We are now testing this process out on beer, whisky and rum where ageing is very important for the quality and taste of the product.
We deliver all the services to bring these wines in the most safe and professional way to the seabed.  We have special enforced marine steel boxes where we can store up to 8000 flasks per box.
These boxes will get connected on a base, anchored in the sea floor, by commercial divers whose tasks are also to secure and inspect the area.
With these anchors and special openings of the boxes, currents will hardly have any influence on those boxes.  Also, those boxes are designed and armored against theft.  The storage points are kept secret and are surveyed from the surface for suspicious trespassers.
Already, we have all environmental and cultural agreements for several storage points around the island of Tenerife.
For the environment, we fulfil on all the requirements and on top, these structures will, as any artificial reef or shipwreck, attract and protect the marine life.  This will be a benefit for the marine diversity and the endangered and protected angel sharks for whom the only remaining habitat left is the Canary Islands.
For Tenerife, already we are part of the cultural heritage of the Canary Islands.  This product is very unique and will definitely benefit for all the good wineries here on the Canary Islands.
The underwater wine tasting experience (TM and unique in the world)
Alcohol and diving is a no-go in the whole world of scuba diving, as is consuming alcohol during scuba diving.
ONE·TWO·DIVE has found the solution through science, studies and ingenuity : there is an amount of wine that we can consume safe, even while diving underwater.
Because drinking something is nearly impossible while SCUBA diving.  Even if you manage, you will definitely spoil your drink with salt seawater.  To make this possible, we have created a diving bell at 18 meters / 60 feet deep.  Here you can comfortably take off you SCUBA-regulator and taste this wonderful and ingenious product coming from the seabed.
How does this work ?
While gearing up at the shore and listening to a most special dive briefing, our commercial divers will take off towards the diving bell to prepare it. They are specially trained to make sure all goes perfect : unlocking all the locks of the 4 tonnes doors that protect our precious bottles from thieves and starting to fill up the dive bell with air.
By the time you arrive, diving and guided by minimum 2 professional diving guides and a sommelier, everything has to be ready, inspected, safe and secured.
Your sommelier will take the bottle of your selection out of the storage and bring it to the bell together with you. While opening the bottle, your sommelier will give you the whole story and information of the wine and offer it in a 2cl glass for tasting.
After the tasting, he will close and secure the bottle of wine that we will be diving back towards the shore after a photoshoot.  We will gear down and visit one of the most beautiful local wineries here with a 5 Star Michelin restaurant.  Here you will get a private wine tour where you also can taste different wines and of course can eat something.  The driver of our car is not allowed to take part of the tasting.
The special ceramic flask
To have an even more exclusive experience, we have made a selection of the best wines of the Canary Islands for you. These wines get bottled in a specially designed a handcrafted ceramic flask. This flask, you can take down during your dive and store it in the structure of the diving bell. After 6 months maturing underwater, we will bring your bottle up and ship it to where you want.  Or you can always come for a second time and collect it yourself.
You will receive a unique souvenir from a unique experience that is only made possible here in Tenerife by Bodega Submarina de Canarias and ONE·TWO·DIVE.
Legality and Insurance
ONE·TWO·DIVE and Bodega Submarina de Canarias have all permits, local, environmental and cultural agreements to offer you this unique in the world experience.
The Underwater Wine Tasting experience is also covered by our Diving Insurance.
The wine tasting dive
The special ceramic flask