We offer half day snorkeling excursions daily, except on Sundays, starting in the dive center at 9am for the morning excursion or 1pm for the afternoon excursion.  We choose in between the spots called Alcalá and Abades, depending on the weather conditions, to give you the best experience possible.
Once at the location, you’ll get a propper briefing before gearing up. You will enjoy all the different marine life during your 1 hour in the water.
We’ll be back in the center at around 12:30pm for the morning excursions and at around 4:30pm for the afternoon excursions.  While you rest and enjoy a drink, you can look up all the different types of marine life you have seen during your snorkeling excursion.
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  • Trompet fish piscinas naturales
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Book this awesome experience by clicking on the book now button below for only 40 Euros for adults and 29 Euros for children less than 10 years old.
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