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PADI Instructor Courses in Tenerife – Canary Islands!

Are you fed up of your office job or the 8am-5pm?

Would you like to spend more time in the sun?

Have you got what it takes to transform lives?



If you answer YES to these questions, we can show you how you can change your life and try something new! As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you trade your office cubicle for the blue ocean, enjoy the sunset as you stroll home from work each evening, and make a career out of transforming people’s lives for the better.


And you can transform your life into a PADI Instructor here in Tenerife, Canary Islands, with PADI 5 Star IDC Center – 12Dive. We have great diving, and sunny weather all year around. And most importantly our experienced PADI Course Directors who really cares about diving, safety and the profession, will make you ready, not only for the instructor exam, but for teaching in real life. We do not treat our IDCs as a mean to pass the exam. We offer quality and professional courses, with no shortcuts.


PADI IDC – Instructor Development Course

Our PADI IDC is a 9 day course, and is made up of two distinct components – the Assistant Instructor (AI) course, and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.


Is designed to help you to understand the PADI standards and to increase and refresh your diving knowledge, by classroom curriculum presentations, and discussions. You learn about Risk Management, the business of diving, PADI courses, materials needed to teach your future students and other important topics relevant to your role as an Instructor. You also need to pass the theory exam and the PADI standards exam.

Confined Water Training:

Is pool based, where you will learn how to demonstrate proper techniques, problem solving and giving students feedback. And learning how to make sure your students meet the performance requirements.

Open Water Training:

This part prepares you for what you will need to know for conducting courses in the open water and also problem solving common mistakes students make.  This includes different workshops and practice drills.


With your participation in one of our PADI IDC programs, you wont only start your Instructor course, but the first step of a career as a diving instructor as well with a job anywhere around the globe. During and after your IDC here with us, we will support you with all our experience we´ve got. Like this you wont be ready just for the exam (IE), but as well for your future career as a Scuba Diving Instructor. We do not only want that you pass your exam, but that you will become a great instructor who has fun in his job and is loved by his students. Our IDCs start around 3 weeks before the actual beginn of the IDC with some PDFs, online quizzes and videos, which we will send to you for some self studying, so you´ll come well prepared to your IDC. Of course there will be time as well for some extra sessions in case that there will be some more practise needed in any area. Furthermore you will get always feedback, so you know on what kind of level you are during your IDC. Furthermore is in the EFRI – program, the PADI Oxygene-Provider-Instructor-Course already included. After the IDC it is possible to choose from several specialties.

IDC Prerequisites

In order, for you, to start the PADI IDC, you need to meet certain requirements:

If you do not meet all requirements, let us know and we can help you attain certifications, dives etc. You can always join us here earlier, before the IDC starts and get your dives up. We offer dives as special intern rates. Also, all IDC packages include dive(s) for free so you can get in the water!

ONE·TWO·DIVE PADI IDC Programs & Values

Basic inclusions in our 12Dive Tenerife Instructor Packages:

Our IDC is sure one of the most dynamic and innovativ here in Tenerife. The program will be done by our German Course Director Ulf Mayer, who will be the whole time with you during your IDC. His dynamic teaching style makes presentations interesting and helps as well to make your IDC to an unforgetable experience. Here at ONE·TWO·DIVE we don´t want to get you just through the IE, but as well we want to prepare you for your future as an Instructor. Thats why we do offer you as well to stay here with us after the IDC to get your first teaching-experience with our Instructors. Nothing is more valuable for an Instructor than experience.

Why choose ONE·TWO·DIVE ?

Experience & Qualifications

Ulf has gained a lot of experience over the years, which he wants to share with the next generation of PADI Instructors. He is hard but fair, and you will learn how to stick to the standards. Since becoming PADI Course Director, he hasn´t looked back and will always continue to evolve IDCs in order to develop great Instructors. But you got to be ready to work hard. Also he offers a full range of professional continued education programs: Specialty Instructor courses, MSDT internships as well as IDC Staff Instructor courses.

Consistency & Value

Our Course Director is full time here at ONE·TWO·DIVE for all IDCs, means he will be in charge of your IDC from start to finish. We have ample time to work on each candidate’s own strengths and weaknesses, thus ensuring that those weaknesses are gone before the end of your IDC. Many other IDC facilities that employ freelance Course Directors just bring in the Course Director to teach the last few days of an IDC which can lead to inconsistencies in teaching to dive professionals.

Our tranquil & professional center

Our center, away from the crowds, will ensure that all our candidates can find the necessary peace and quiet required to be able to focus and enjoy the course. All-night parties and streets of bars are not what you need during your IDC! We are a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre, we have been recognized by PADI as offering all PADI 5 Star Dive Centre standards, plus offer PADI instructor-level training. Five Star IDCs are committed to offering PADI Instructor Development Courses and continuing education opportunities.

Job Opportunities

If you will be looking for work as an Instructor after your IDC, you couldn’t be better placed. There are many up and coming dive locations in the Canary Islands and you are always just a quick flight from the world’s dive hot spots of Egypt, Azores,…. Plus, if you have time to stay on, after your IDC, and take advantage of our “Learn to Teach” Internship weeks. The experience that you will have gained, will put you in a better position when it comes to looking for work as well as the confidence when starting out.

Language Support and POST IDC Support!

IDCs at ONE·TWO·DIVE are taught in English as a standard, however we also offer Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian and French.

Plus our help doesn’t end once you pass your IE. We will give you help and advice on how to prepare an attention-grabbing CV and on what potential employers are really looking for in an instructor. Even if you are not in town anymore, we are only a call, text or email away.

Our PADI IDC packages

At ONE·TWO·DIVE, we want to keep it as simple as possible for you. We understand there are many different options to choose from when considering a place to complete your IDC so we have 4 different pre-arranged Instructor Development packages to suit the needs of the individual. We also understand that not everyone fits nicely into a certain niche, therefore if what you are looking for does not fit into one of these packages, we are able to create a custom made IDC package for you. For more information on our packages contact us at

PADI IDC Bronze Package

Includes the following:

IDC Bronze Excludes:

PADI IDC Silver Package

Everything included in the IDC Bronze package plus the following upgrades:

IDC Silver Excludes:

As per IDC Bronze package, plus


These are our scheduled PADI IDC, MSDT and IDC Staff Instructor, dates for 2018!

IDC PADI Instructor Course PADI IE MSDT Prep PADI IDC Staff Course
17th May – 25th May 26thMay – 27th May 29thMay – 31st May 14thMay – 16th May
20thNovember – 28th November 30thNovember – 1st December 2ndDecember – 5th December 17th November – 19th November


The classroom 

Fully equipped, air conditioned classroom with state of the art media, dive library and all latest PADI teaching materials, nice and quiet and with internet service. Available for you during the course and also to come early and study before the start of the course and after your presentations are finished. We also have a fridge and a microwave so you can keep your drinks cold and warm up your food. We have complimentary water and coffee always around so you stay hydrated and alert.

Confined Water Training

We have our own pool for all your confined water training, which you can also use during the IDC, after class is finished, if you feel that your skills need further finetuning.  
And two minivans to take you in all comfort to the dive sites for the open water training.  
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Follow your dreams and live life.