Discover Tenerife Dive Safari.

Come and discover the most amazing dive sites that Tenerife can offer and enjoy the amazing canarian culture with 12dive at Tenerife.

Day 1:
Flight to the South Airport (Reina Sofia) where we will arrange a taxi to pick you up and take you to your hotel. We offer deals with Sheraton la Caleta, Isabel Family Hotel, Gran Costa Adeje and  Fañabe Costa Adeje,.
Day 2:
We will pick you up at 8:45am to take you to the Isabel Family Hotel where 12dive is based. Meanwhile you have a coffee you will have time to fill up all the paperwork that is needed. Once everyone has filled up all the paper work, we will explain the two first dive sites of your safari holiday, this dive sites will be on the south of the island. We will go diving in Abades and Montaña Amarilla. Abades is approximately 35 mins away by road from 12Dive, the dive site with a maximum depth of 10m is reached from the shore and is located inside a protected marine park.  It’s also one of the best spots for snorkeling with a shallow reef with mostly excellent visibility and thousands of fish at about 6m.  We can find moray eels, octopus and stingrays on the sandy bottom at 10-12m.  Its an excellent dive site to check your equipment and the amount of weights you will be using for the safari. Montaña Amarilla is approximately 25 mins by road from 12Dive, the dive site, aka Yellow Mountain is a shore dive into a protected marine park with nice variations in the landscape.  The dive site has a maximum depth of 18m.  In the rocky area we can find cracks with octopus and moray eels. In the sandy parts we can find cuttlefish, garden eels and stingrays.  Around the rocks we find overhangs and swimthroughs.
Day 3:
6:00am : Pick up at the reception of your hotel and drive to the north east of the island. 6:50am : Arrival at El Molino to watch the sun rise behind Teide while having a small pick-nick. 7:30am : after the sunrise we drive to the apart hotel (Punta Norte) to drop our luggage. 8:30am : Our captain and guide, Cesar will be waiting for us in his zodiac with the tanks in the port of Garachico for our first dive into The Tunnel, a volcanic tunnel created by the colossal heat of a mighty volcano erruption (Aprox time of the formation of the tunnel 2000 years). The Tunnel starts at a depth of 18 meters on a plato after a few minutes we arrive to the drop off that reaches 30 meters where at our left side we will see the entrance to the tunnel.  The entrance is 12 meters to 15 meters wide.  The diving part of the tunnel is 100 meters long, slowly narrowing with the volcanos typical hexagonal paterns on the walls and a chimney exit bringing you to a plateau at 18 meters of depth.  Don’t get sucked !!! After this dive, we have time for a break and some food in one of the local tavernas of Garachico, the oldest port of Tenerife ( Christopher Columbus times). 11:30am : Time to gear up for our second dive into The Cave, one of the most unique dive sites on Garachico we will drop to 25 meters to find a garden of yellow and red gorgonias, the only ones at this depth at Tenerife. After a few minutes into the dive we will see the cave where we can see loads of macro life and as well we have the chance to see mobulas and hammerheads. Afer our dives, we will bring you back to the hotel so you can freshen up. After we have the option of taking you to a winery to have a wine taste of some of the local wines of Tenerife, or go to the center of Icod de los vinos to see the legendary Drago and the local culture of this part of the north of Tenerife, or just go for some more optional diving !!!

Day 4:
8:20am : We pick you up after having breakfast to go to the port for our first dive in the morning. It depends on the weather conditions, surge and visibilty what dive site we will choose. Options could be for example Punta Teno and Strella. After this dive, we have time for a break and some food in one of the local tavernas of Garachico. 11:30am : Time to gear up for our second dive, as mention before the dive site will be choosen depending on the weather conditions. The most impotant thing for us is that you get the bestt experience. Once we come back to the hotel we will have the option of going to a different winery or just go and visit the town of Garachico.

Day 5:
8:00am : We drive to Puerto de la Cruz to drop our luggage at Hotel DC Xibana. 9:00am : Our captain and dive guide Raffa will be waiting for us in the old port of  Puerto de la Cruz the second oldest port of Tenerife where, centuries agoo, the Spanish Armada took it’s last provisions before sailing to America.  He will bring us to The Cathedral, one of the most spectacular dive sites of the north. The Cathedral is one of the most complete diving experiences.  Here you will find cracked rocks with canyons, swim throughs, caves and all the marine life that searches for shelter or food.  The top of the rocks are at 21m and the sandy bottom is located at 45m deep.  The Cathedral is a cave with several entrances and exits as well as a nice chimney.  Its a very exciting dive which provides wonderful scenery.  We can find moray eels and sharks here. In between our first and second dive of the day, you will have time to eat and drink something. 12:00am : Raffa will bring us to la Rapadura, Limon 1, Limon 2 or Cueva de la Matanza. All depends on how the weather is.   The maximum depth is 40m. You can find moray eels here. This is one of the few dive sites in Tenerife that has frequent shark sightings. Once we have finished the dives, we have all afternoon to enjoy Puerto de la Cruz.
Day 6:
On this day we have the option of 2 more dives or do some Para Sailing. For the Parapente : If you want to fly without the need for the full course of paragliding, we offer the possibility of doing so through mode”two-seater”. This mode allows you to fly with the instructor for a period of not less than 40 minutes, enjoying the free flight. The pice depends on the month. For the divers : 9:00am : Our captain Raffa, will be waiting for us in the harbour to bring us to La Rapadura or The Pillars.  This dive site offers a very special underwater scenery with it’s massive hexagonal pillars, created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago when Tenerife raised from the bottom of the ocean. 12:00am : Raffa will bring us to Limon 2.  Limon 1 and Limon 2 are two massive rocks overgrown with yellow anemones. After the diving or Para Sailing, you will have the rest of the day to visit the historical city of Puerto de la Cruz.

Day 7:
9:00am : We will drive back dirrection to the south. Along the road, we will make two dives in Tabaiba or Radazul. Tabaiba is the name of the village but everyone knows the fishing vessel as Tabaiba that was sunk here in 2003. Its complete and in excellent condition and perfect for the wreck diving specialty course.  You can enter into the engine room, crew chambers and steering cabin.  The maximum depth is 30m.  You will find a lot of exciting marine life at this dive site which includes barracudas, moray eels, nudibranch, octopus and rays. Radazul Cruz is  a spectacular dive site from the shore. The entry point is perfect as it’s just a 2 min walk to the few stairs that lead all the way to the entry of the dive site. Once we descend we will follow an amazing wall on our left that drops to 14m.  Here we usually see moray eels, nudibranch (flabelinas and peregrinas) and groupers.  After 20 mins we reach the corner of the wall and follow the sandy bottom to a depth of 30m where we will find a memorial for a diver that died.  We will also see the cross of which the dive site inherits its name, Radazul Cruz. After we drive you back to the south to rest and have one day off at the south.

Day 8:
The next day we bring you to the airport.