Are your kids like fishes in the water ? Have they tried snorkeling before and now want a safe and fun introduction into the world of scuba as well ? Or are you just looking for a nice underwater experience for the whole family ? This is the most fun and playful introduction into the world of bubbles. Forget about long hours in the classroom and hard theory. Here, the aim is to have fun and enjoy your time underwater, in a controlled environment.
For one hour we will be playing games in a pool with a maximum depth of 2 meters. After 5 minutes, the children will be having so much fun that they forget the fact that they are underwater. We will look for treasures in the pool, swim through colorful hula hoops which help practice buoyancy control, play throw and catch and do roly polies. In no time they will feel so comfortable in the water, that they wish they had done this earlier.
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